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Essential Phonics – Initial consonant blends, final consonants and medial double consonants – Ages 5–7

Initial consonant blends, final consonants and medial double consonants

Initial consonant blends, final consonants and medial double consonants provides a fully comprehensive resource to support any phonics teaching program, either as a single resource or a program support. It provides the teacher with an amazing selection of contemporary print, digital and interactive resources to excite, motivate and inform young minds. The digital and interactive resources can be used on Macs, PCs or interactive whiteboards.


Key principles of Essential Phonics 2:
  • introduces in context single final sounds, double letters and two-letter blends;
  • revises initial single sounds;
  • provides practise in blending (linking sounds);
  • employs natural language;
  • provides practise in segmenting spoken words into sounds (phonemic awareness);
  • includes common sight words and phrases;
  • uses simple sentence structures; and
  • moves from context to analysis to synthesis.


This package contains
  • Interactive DVD-ROM
  • 100+ interactive activities
  • 47 digital big books
  • 47 interactive sound cards
  • 47 teachers notes
  • phonemic awareness activity for all sounds
  • 47 x A4-size sound card cards
  • 4 x A2-size sound posters
  • 94 interactive worksheets (digital and print)
  • Teachers guide


At R.I.C. Publications we endeavour to ensure our products are compatible with all operating systems. To avoid any frustration, please make sure you have a working CD drive connected to your computer. While our current collection of programs supports up to Windows 7 (for PC users), and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (for Mac users) and most recent versions, some newer operating systems may not be fully compatible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we will have updates/patches for download on this site if and when they become available.

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