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Consumer decisions and the environment

Australian Curriculum Economics and business guides you through the minefield of the subject’s many concepts—delving into the difference between needs and wants, solving the mystery of supply and demand, offering the choices of opportunity cost, delivering the different levels of industry sectors—the practical approach of this two-book series will set your students on the road to becoming the next generation of global business giants and entrepreneurs!

This file contains student pages from Australian Curriculum Economics and businessYear 6. Each of the worksheets are formatted as editable PDFs and prepared in small file sizes— easy to send and receive, no need for printing or scanning. 

Australian Curriculum links:

  • The effect that consumer and financial decisions can have on the individual, the broader community and the environment (ACHASSK150) 


Original title: Australian Curriculum Economics and businessYear 6

Year level: Year 6

Unit theme: Making choices about resources

Lesson title: Consumer decisions and the environment

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