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Change in the 20th Century – Ages 5–7

Changes in society, historical events and technology

The focus of this teacher resource is to inspire and encourage in your students an interest of our past, an awareness of historical events and an appreciation of technological achievements and enthusiasm for the future.

The content is divided into three sub-sections: technological change, societal change and environmental change. The activities in this book represent a comprehensive sample on this topic and form the basis for a complete overview on the study of change throughout the twentieth century.


  • looks at changes in society, historical events, technological changes and human achievementsthroughout the 20th Century
  • the worksheet activities include researching, collating, categorising information, interpreting, analysing and summarising facts, constructing time lines and designing, inventing and creating 3-D models
  • strong language focus using themes of society, technology and environment
  • outcome links and answers

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