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Bullying – Identify, cope and prevent – Ages 8–10 ebook

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Identify and prevent bullying

Bullying has been likened by some commentators to lifestyle physical ailments prevalent in modern society, such as obesity, smoking-related disease, heart disease and even skin cancers. The ‘likeness’ is that, in a majority of cases, adequate and appropriate preventive measures will stop the condition arising altogether.

All too often, bullying is treated as a condition only after it manifests itself, rather than pre-emptively, before it actually arises. Bullying is a complex issue. It requires an ongoing education of students to develop skills and strategies to allow them to IDENTIFY, COPE with and, ultimately, PREVENT bullying occurring.


  • a comprehensive resource to help students and teachers cope with, identify and prevent bullying
  • contains English, SOSE and Health activities
  • open-ended activities which encourage exploration and discussion of feelings and ideas
  • teachers notes for each page, including teacher information, discussion points and bullying facts
  • generic pages, including a letter to parents, incident proforma and student self-assessment of behaviour
  • outcome-linked

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