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Australian Curriculum Movement and physical activity – Foundation

Whether you're a classroom teacher looking for activities to relieve excess energy in your students, a newly-appointed physical education teacher, a relief teacher who enjoys physical education, or are looking for activities that support the teaching of physical education at your school, this product is for you.


  • Fully linked to the Australian Curriculum Movement and physical activity strand, and its sub-strands, through numerous varied games and activities
  • Lessons and game-plan formats to guide teachers and students through fundamental movement skills
  • Variations to cater for different student abilities or for extension


Australian Curriculum links:
  • Practise fundamental movement skills and movement sequences using different body parts (ACPMP008
  • Participate in games with and without equipment (ACPMP009
  • Explore how regular physical activity keeps individuals healthy and well (ACPMP010
  • Identify and describe how their body moves in relation to effort, space, time, objects and people (ACPMP011
  • Cooperate with others when participating in physical activities (ACPMP012
  • Test possible solutions to movement challenges through trial and error (ACPMP013
  • Follow rules when participating in physical activities (ACPMP014

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