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Australian Curriculum History – Quizzes – Year 5 digital unit

This is a 13-page quiz ebook from the Australian Curriculum History series that covers:

  • Why Van Diemen’s Land?
  • Why Western Australia?
  • Why Norfolk Island?
  • Developing the colonies
  • Convict story
  • A settler’s life
  • Aboriginal life
  • Changing the environment
  • The gold rushes
  • Colonial conflicts
  • Transport in the 1800s
  • Connected to the world
  • Asian workers in Australia
  • European workers in Australia
  • Pacific Islander workers in Australia
  • Exploring the interior
  • History through the arts
  • Caroline Chisholm: a woman who cared
  • Taking the long paddock
  • The peacemaker and the warrior (Mokare and Yagan)

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