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Australian Curriculum History – Quizzes – Year 1 digital unit

This is an 11-page quiz ebook from the Australian Curriculum History series that covers:

  • Who’s in my family?
  • What are families like?
  • What roles do we have in our families?
  • What was it like when my parents were children?
  • What was it like when my grandparents were children?
  • What are Indigenous Australian families like?
  • How do Indigenous Australian families work together?
  • Are the lives of Indigenous Australian children the same as mine?
  • Why are birthdays important?
  • How are birthdays celebrate in other cultures?
  • What other special days do we celebrate?
  • What other changes are important?
  • How does the calendar teach us about time?
  • What are seasons?
  • What seasons do Indigenous Australians have?
  • What was leisure like in the past?
  • How did people communicate in the past?
  • What is a family tradition?

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