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History – Year 3

Australian Curriculum History

Take a trip through history and learn how the past has helped shape today, with this engaging, content-packed seven-book series covering the Historical knowledge and understanding strand for each year level. Students will be enthralled learning about the first circumnavigation of the globe, Australia’s first people,migrants who have crossed the sea for a new life, and much more.


  • A supporting teachers page which provides:
  • the content description being addressed
  • an elaboration relating to the specific aspect of the content description being developed
  • the key inquiry questions being addressed
  • the historical skills practised by completing the activities
  • the historical concepts addressed by the activities
  • background information to support that given in the student pages
  • teaching notes to assist in classroom organisation or to highlight specific activities
  • additional activities to extend the topic and develop historical skills
  • resources to supplement information/activities for teachers/students
  • a time line related to specific people and events

Three student activity pages which consist of:

  • a stimulus text to inform students about the theme and to promote discussion
  • an activity page related directly to the text but requiring research, evaluative comprehension and application of historical skills
  • an additional activity page which may be either a continuation of the previous page or an extension activity related to the topic but not directly related to the text
  • a fact file on each of the two activity pages that provides an interesting or unusual fact related to the topic

Related to each section is:

  • a series of quizzes
  • an answer page
  • Books in this series:
  • Foundation – Personal and family histories
  • Year 1 – Present and past family life
  • Year 2 – The past in the present
  • Year 3 – Community and remembrance
  • Year 4 – First contacts
  • Year 5 – The Australian colonies
  • Year 6 – Australia as a nation

Australian Curriculum History is a resource to supplement any school’s history program, acting as a springboard for further investigation into people and events of the past.

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History Year 3

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