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Australian Curriculum Geography – Visiting places – Year 2 digital unit

This is a 29-page unit from the Australian Curriculum Geography series that covers:

  • The influence of purpose, distance and accessibility on the frequency with which people visit places (ACHGK013) 
  • Identifying places visited in a community, why they are visited and the reasons for the frequency of visits
  • Collecting, recording and analyzing data about personal visits to places in their community
  • Identifying features and places visited in a large shopping centre, why they are visited and the reason for the frequency of visits
  • Collecting, recording and analyzing data about personal visits to shops in their local shopping centre
  • Investigating how the places and patterns of visits have changed over two generations
  • Planning, recording and analyzing an interview
  • Investigating how communication technologies affect people’s connections
  • Sorting communication technologies in a time line


Key inquiry questions
  • What is a place?
  • How are people connected to their place and other places?
  • What factors affect my connection to places?


Geographical Inquiry and Skills
  • Pose geographical questions about familiar and unfamiliar places (ACHGS013) 
  • Collect and record geographical data and information, for example, by observing, by interviewing, or from sources such as photographs, plans, satellite images, storybooks and films (ACHGS014) 
  • Represent data and the location of places and their features by constructing tables, plans and labelled maps (ACHGS015) 
  • Draw conclusions based on the interpretation of geological information sorted in categories. (ACHGS016) 
  • Present findings in a range of communication forms, for example, written, oral, digital and visual, and describe the direction and location of places, using terms such as north, south, opposite, near, far (ACGHS017) 
  • Reflect on their learning and suggest responses to their findings (ACHGS018) 


Geographical concepts
  • Place
  • Space
  • Environment
  • Interconnection
  • Scale
  • Change


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