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Australian Curriculum Geography – Representing places and their features – Foundation ebook

This is a 21-page ebook from the Australian Curriculum Geography series that covers:

My personal world

  • The representation of the location of places and their features on maps and a globe (ACHGK001) 


  • Familiar places have location and features that can be observed and shown by drawing and writing
  • Hands-on models can represent the location of places and features familiar to the students
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders talk about their places using stories. Some places are very special to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Cave paintings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people show the location of placed they used. These places were special to them for different reasons.
  • The globe is a representation of the world. Places such as Australia and others can be found on the globe.

Key inquiry questions

  • What are places like?
  • What makes a place special?
  • How can we look after the places we live in?

Geographical Inquiry and skills

  • Make observations about familiar places and pose questions about them (ACHGS001) 
  • Record geographical data and information collected by observation (ACHGS002) 
  • Represent the location and features of a familiar place on pictorial maps and models (ACHGS003) 
  • Draw conclusions based on discussions of observations (ACHGS004) 
  • Present information using everyday language to describe location and direction (ACHGS005) 
  • Reflect on their learning to suggest ways that they can look after a familiar place (ACHGS006) 

Geographical concepts

  • place
  • sustainability
  • space
  • environment
  • change

Which countries have over 100 million inhabitants? What is the most widely spoken language in the world? Discover the answers to these and many more questions in Australian Curriculum Geography, which will see students navigating through continents, wading through oceans, and discovering cultures, creatures and creations from around the world.

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