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Australian Curriculum Geography – Quizzes – Year 4 digital unit

This is a 10-page digital unit from the Australian Curriculum Geography series that covers:

The Earth’s environment sustains all life
  • Dividing the globe
  • Differences in climate
  • The African continent
  • The South American continent
  • Native animals
  • World biomes
  • The importance of vegetation
  • The importance of plants for humans
  • Zoos for conservation
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Looking after our beaches
  • Changes since colonisation
  • Living off the land
  • Sustainable living
  • Natural resources
  • Using natural resources
  • Natural resources: How can I help?
  • Waste: a human problem
  • Managing domestic waste
  • Managing industrial waste


Which countries have over 100 million inhabitants? What is the most widely spoken language in the world? Discover the answers to these and many more questions in Australian Curriculum Geography, which will see students navigating through continents, wading through oceans, and discovering cultures, creatures and creations from around the world.


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