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Australian Curriculum Geography – Awareness and opinions – Year 6 digital unit

This is a 29-page digital unit from the Australian Curriculum Geography series that covers:

  • The effects that people’s connections with, and proximity to, places throughout the world have a shaping their awareness and opinion of those places (ACHGK036
  • Recognising that options of places and cultures be based on personal experience and on information given by others. Understanding that information presented by the media is not always objective.
  • Determining how much students know about Australia’s close neighbours. Considering the validity of their opinions with respect to their knowledge of each place. Researching cultural stereotypes and their accuracy.
  • Considering the author and purpose of the written text. Separating fact from opinion in text. Realising that a person’s opinion of place, based on his/her own experience, does not provide an objective, accurate description of that place.
Key inquiry questions
  • How do places, people and cultures differ around the world?
  • How do people’s connections to places affect their perception of them?
  • What are Australian’s global connections between people and places?


Geographical Inquiry and Skills
  • Develop geographical questions to investigate and place inquiry (ACHGS040
  • Collect and record relevant geographical data and information, using ethical protocols, from primary and secondary resources, for example, people, maps, plans, photographs, satellite images, statistical sources and reports (ACHGS041
  • Evaluate sources of their usefulness and represent data in different forms, for example, maps, plans, graphs, tables, sketches and diagrams (ACHGS042
  • Represent the location and features of places and different types of geographical information by constructing large-scale and small-scale maps that conform to cartographic conventions including border, source scale, legend, title and north point, using spatial technologies as appropriate (ACHGS043
  • Interpret geographical data and other information using digital and spatial technologies as appropriate, and identify spatial technologies as appropriate, and identify spatial distributions, patterns and trends, and interrelationships to draw conclusions (ACHGS044
  • Present findings and ideas in a range of communication forms, for example, written, oral, graphic, tabular, visual and maps, using geographical terminology and digital technologies as appropriate. (ACHGS045
  • Reflect on their learning to propose individual and collective action in response to a contemporary geographical challenge and describe the expected effects of their proposal on different groups of people (ACHGS046


Geographical concepts
  • Place
  • Environment
  • Scale
  • Space
  • Sustainability
  • Change
  • Interconnection


Which countries have over 100 million inhabitants? What is the most widely spoken language in the world? Discover the answers to these and many more questions in Australian Curriculum Geography, a seven-book series which will see students navigating through continents, wading through oceans, and discovering cultures, creatures and creations from around the world.



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