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The History box

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Take your class for an exciting, hands-on exploration through history! The History box – An inquiry approach uses an innovative method to bring history to life, providing both teachers and students with an opportunity to redefine how this subject is taught and learned. Utilising the high-impact teaching strategies of collaborative learning and questioning, you will: 

  • introduce crucial chapters of Australian history through vividly illustrated topic cards. 
  • engage students and set the scene using activity starter cards. Encourage them to self-reflect through a familiar situation, before finding a thread back to historical situations. 
  • immerse students in further exploration through inquiry-based tasks, with clear indicators on which inquiry skills they are utilising. 
  • consolidate and assess students’ progress with ideas for formative and summative assessment as well as extension activities provided within the Teachers guide. 
  • bring interactivity to the classroom with the online portal, featuring digital copies of all elements of The History box, as well as relevant videos that will enhance the learning experience. 

  With The History box, help your students achieve historical understanding through Literacy and Inquiry skills-based activities and projects. 


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