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Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day classroom activities

Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day classroom activities

Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day classroom activities

Are you hosting a Grandparents'/Special Persons' Day this year? Queensland and New South Wales celebrate Grandparents' Day on Sunday 27 October. Even though it falls on a Sunday, there are some great activities you can incorporate into your classroom.

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1. Dress up in clothes from the past

Who doesn't love dressing up? Send a note home to parents explaining Grandparents' and Special Persons' Day and that you would love to see the students dressed up. Add in some suggestions such as glasses, moustaches, bowler hats, shirts and suspenders, long frilly dresses and cardigans. If parents can provide items from their youth, you can then tie this activity to:

  • How my world is different from the past and can change in the future - Year 1 Australian Curriculum History
  • Our past and present connections to people and places - Year 2 Australian Curriculum History
  • Diverse communities and places and the contribution people make - Year 3 Australian Curriculum History
  • How people, places and environments interact, past and present - Year 4 Australian Curriculum History
  • Australian communities - their past, present and possible futures - Year 5 Australian Curriculum History
  • Australia in the past and present and its connections with a diverse world - Year 6 Australian Curriculum History



2. A writing activity—'When I am 100 years old'

Have students write a narrative on what they think their life will be like when they are 100. Download the free template below or click here to open it as a PDF to get you started.


3. Age your students with Oldify 

Download the Oldify app from the App Store or Google Play, or directly here: Use the front-facing camera on your phone or tablet to take a photo of your students individually and use the images to create a whiteboard slide show. Show your students how they will look when they are their grandparents' age.

Disclaimer: There are a number of similar apps on the market. R.I.C. takes no responsibility for how your data is used in any third-party apps. 



4. Visit an aged-care facility as a class excursion

Have you been watching Old people’s home for 4 year olds on ABC (link: If there is one program that is sure to bring a tear to your eye, it’s this one. This unique social experiment piloted in the UK and brings together the retirement community and 4-year-olds. There is so much both the older generations and the kids can learn from each other. Plan an excursion to your local aged-care facility; I'm sure both students and residents will find it an extremely rewarding experience. 



5. Our elders were once like us

Ask students to bring in photos of their grandparents when they were their age. If the photos are of particular value to the parents you could ask them to scan or take a photo of the original and email it to you. When you have compiled all the photos, play a game where your class has to match the photo with the classmate. This activity can link at any year level to history in the Australian Curriculum.



6. Hold a Grandparents/Special persons morning
  1. Host an event at lunchtime, perhaps a picnic or a morning tea in the classroom.
  2. Invite in the grandparents/special persons to take part in an art and craft activity or host a talk about what it was like when they were growing up.
  3. Have grandparents pop in throughout the day and hold a talk with the class about their chosen topic.



7. Hooray for Grandparents Day is a great read aloud for students who may not have a grandparent or special person in their lives


8. Students can learn 'A song for grandma and grandpa' by Enjoy Teaching English

This song can be performed as a class assembly or students can learn it to sing to their own grandparents at home. 


9. 'An interview with ...' writing activity 

Download this free template here. Help your students' get to know their grandparents and special persons, all while practising their writing and questioning skills. 



10. Create a family tree

Australian Curriculum History, in the Historical Knowledge and Understanding strand, includes Personal and Family Histories (Foundation level) and Present and Past Family Lives (Year 1). Historical skills encourage the use of graphics to communicate historical knowledge and understanding. The making of family trees to show the relationship between family members covers both strands and provides a creative, fun and easily understood way to focus teaching and learning activities on family relationships and the growth of families over time. This can become a great gift for your students to give to their grandparents or the special people in their lives. 


Download this free pack to get you started.





Will you be celebrating Grandparents Day in your classroom?
We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 


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