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Back-to-school shopping guide: stock up on essential teacher resources

Back-to-school shopping guide: stock up on essential teacher resources

Back-to-school shopping guide: stock up on essential teacher resources

With school starting again soon, it’s the perfect time to stock up on essential teaching resources and workbooks for your classroom.

At R.I.C. Publications, we have a huge range of resource types, such as digital tools, flexible boxed sets, interactive student worksheets, and complete teacher lesson plans. And, to make it extra easy to find what you need this year, we’ve created the ultimate back-to-school shopping guide for you!

Our guide is broken down into four categories to make it easier to find what you need:

1. Australian Curriculum-aligned resources – created to work with the Australian Curriculum, we’ve linked the exact workbooks and boxed sets that are aligned to curriculum learning outcomes within this guide. 

2. Student workbooks – our curriculum-aligned workbooks are considered a classroom staple and go-to resource for many teachers. Stock up on bestsellers, such as New wave mental maths, Handwriting today, and Reading for Me.

3. Boxed sets – our boxed sets are designed to be flexible and empower teacher creativity when it comes to lesson planning, leading activities, and inspiring young minds.

4. Teacher support resources – our resources are designed for in-classroom and at-home use. So, whether you’re looking for easy-set homework, consolidating worksheets, or supporting resources for a homeschool plan, we have got you covered.

Keep reading to explore the full guide, where we’ve selected our top picks and recommendations for you this year!


Australian Curriculum-aligned resources

We know how important it is to have curriculum-aligned resources in your classroom so that you can reduce the time and stress involved in lesson planning, meet current teaching standards, and dedicate more time to personalised teaching experiences.

Our Australian Curriculum-aligned resource range covers multiple subjects, including Mathematics, English, History, Geography, Science, Health and Physical Education, and more.

These educational tools will bring your classroom to life and make learning more enjoyable through colourful activities and easy-to-follow explanations.

Take a look at our top resource recommendations for back-to-school season.


1) Australian Curriculum English resources

As a core education subject, having high-quality and reliable English resources is essential to simplify lesson planning and meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

Written directly for Australian Curriculum strands of English Language, Literature and Literacy, our bestselling workbooks and boxed sets will help you develop students' abilities to listen, read, view, speak, write, create, and reflect on increasingly complex spoken and written texts in the English language.

Top picks:


2) Australian Curriculum Maths resources

Maths is used in our everyday life, which is why we offer a huge range of educational resources for mathematics, including student workbooks and worksheets, interactive games, homework resources, and boxed sets.

With a curriculum-aligned focus on number and algebra, mental maths, problem-solving, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability, our mathematical resources will help students to comprehend techniques and develop their mathematics skills.

Top picks:


3) Australian Curriculum Science resources

The Australian Curriculum for science supports students’ curiosity about the world and its physical laws. The ideal science education will empower them with the knowledge that they can change the world in which they live.

As science is such a broad field, our science teacher resources hone in on specific areas to help students develop a foundational understanding. This understanding can then be built upon with more complexity as they advance.

Top picks:


4) Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education resources

From personal, social, and community health, as well as movement and physical activity, there are many learning outcome areas in the Australian Curriculum.

Our curriculum-aligned Health and Physical Education resources are designed to promote understanding and application of positive lifestyle habits in students, and covers topics such as physical and mental health, cyberbullying, conflict resolution, and much more.

Top picks:


5) Australian Curriculum Geography resources

When being taught the ‘world subject’, students learn how to observe and describe the world, and find explanations for why the world they live in is the way it is. It encourages them to seek understanding and imagine possible futures, where they can form opinions about complicated and unresolved issues affecting our world.

Our Australian Curriculum-aligned Geography resources contain teacher notes, bold line masters, curriculum links, and additional activities to support students in integrating multiple concepts from humanities, social science, and science, to apply their critical thinking skills when dealing with relevant issues.

Top picks:


Student workbooks

Our student workbooks are considered a classroom staple and go-to resource for many teachers.

Not only can students keep all their work in one place and take ownership of it all, but each workbook is full of lesson plans, texts, activities, questions, and assessments designed to save you precious planning time.

Not to mention our workbooks can aid the teaching of just about any topic in any subject!

Whether you need to boost students' English skills, grow their mental maths ability, provide science essentials, develop grammar, practise handwriting, help students find patterns and sequences, check their spelling, explain how to tell the time, or practise tracing and cutting – you’ll find the ideal workbook with R.I.C.

Take a look at our top student workbook recommendations for back-to-school season.


6) New wave mental maths

Visually rich and engaging, New wave mental maths provides daily maths practice with a spiral learning method to consolidate and increase students’ fluency and automaticity in all three maths strands.

Each book features 200 days of maths problems, developing students’ ability to make choices, interpret, formulate, and communicate solutions effectively.


7) New wave English skills practice

New wave English skills practice focuses on the repetition and revision of English language learning, which in turn helps students acquire and strengthen the skills they need to become competent and confident in their use of English.

This daily practice workbook covers phonological awareness, reading comprehension, spelling, word study, punctuation, and grammar, along with mixed questions that will help students improve and consolidate their English skills. The revised workbooks have 160 days of questions, broken into four groups of eight weeks.

8) Handwriting today

Handwriting today is your key resource in planning, teaching, and assisting your students in learning to develop a crisp, modern style of handwriting.

From improving productivity, creativity, and overall performance, students with fluent, legible handwriting are better equipped in all areas of schooling.

Handwriting today is currently available in two font versions: NSW Foundation style and Victorian Modern Cursive.

9) Reading for Me

Reading for Me is an easy-to-follow, read-at-home program developed to be a simple way to provide and monitor reading homework.

With over 60 original texts that cover three different text types (factual, imaginative, and persuasive) Reading for Me is designed to foster an early love of reading while also developing reader comprehension and vocabulary skills.


10) Spelling workbook

Our Spelling workbook series is designed to create a more effective way to learn to spell whilst having an enjoyable, interactive experience. Supported by resources that use a metacognitive approach, this bestselling seven-workbook series is loved by teachers and students alike.

Boxed sets

Are you looking for teacher resources that allow for more creativity in the classroom, are more flexible, and won’t take the fun out of lesson planning?

Our boxed sets are beloved by both students and teachers as the perfect, fun-filled teaching resource to make any lesson exciting and engaging.

Plus, they’re easy to integrate and can either be used to run a whole lesson or act as a supplementary resource.

They’re also incredibly low-effort to implement and are packed with original texts, activity cards, and answer sheets, as well as additional support resources such as teacher guides, worksheets, and bold line masters.

Explore our top-selling boxed sets.

11) The maths box

Maths is essential for learning logical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, which is why The maths box includes motivating activities, teaching materials, and teacher reference resources, and covers all the Mathematics strands from Foundation to Year 6.


12) The comprehension strategies box

Comprehension is integral to developing literacy and communication skills, as well as understanding, interpreting, and responding to written and spoken texts.

This is why The comprehension strategies box is full of original texts, teacher guides, and worksheets designed to support the teaching and learning of nine different comprehension strategies – plus, the series will help teachers unlock all students’ reading abilities.


13) Problem-solving strategies and skills box

Covering all strands of Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, our Problem-solving strategies and skills box is full of extension problems and problem-solving questions for developing and practising core mathematical concepts.


14) STEM projects

Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, our STEM projects boxes focus on developing important skills such as innovation, creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving.


15) The spelling box

Spelling is important for students to develop fundamental written communication skills, writing competence, and confidence in their language abilities, which is why The spelling box contains a range of hands-on activities designed to reinforce students’ understanding of word structures, phonics, and word meanings.


Teacher support resources

Finally, for unique and special occasions such as assembly planning, early finishers, and relief teacher prep, our range of support resources have got you covered.

Explore our wide range of support resources.


16) Homework resources

From workbooks specifically designed to extend students’ learning, to educational resources for inside and outside the classroom, our homework resource range covers all Australian Curriculum subject areas.


17) Teacher reference guides

Whether you’ve forgotten an answer to a question, need to brush up on a concept, or simply want to fact-check something, our teacher reference guides are the best, on-hand resource to have by your side. What’s more, they are designed to be small, easy-to-carry books or fold-out cards.


18) Relief teacher resources

Take a sick day feeling confident your class won’t be lost without you – our relief teacher resources are easy-to-use and perfect to have on-hand should someone need to cover you (or you need to cover someone else!)

All products are cross-curricular, ensuring every key subject area is covered. They focus on educational quizzes, games, and activities for easy implementation.


19) Digital resources

Access, assign, and communicate content to students more conveniently than ever before with our range of digital resources – packed full of informational tools to help structure lessons throughout the school year, as well as fun and captivating activities and worksheets to make learning more enjoyable.


20) Editable student worksheets

Presented as an editable PDF with a small file size, our editable student worksheets are designed for convenience. No need to print or scan; just send off to your students to complete.


Special mentions

Before we finish up, we should mention some of our newer product releases that you won’t want to miss!


21) Decodable product range

Decodable texts are an essential part of early reading instruction, as they provide a supportive and structured way for learners to apply their phonics knowledge to real reading experiences.

After growing demand, we’ve developed a brand new range of decodable readers to assist with this: Book monster decodable readers.


22) Australian Curriculum maths assessments

New Australian Curriculum-aligned maths assessments are coming soon!

Designed for teachers who want to consolidate students’ learning or differentiate for those that require more preparation or bridging, The Australian Curriculum maths assessment is a supporting resource for educators to pre-assess and post-assess key curriculum maths outcomes.


Wrapping up

From workbooks and boxed sets to teacher resources, our back-to-school product range is packed with intentional, thoughtful, and accessible resources to support learning outcomes, help teachers prepare lessons for the coming year, and do what they do best... teach!


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